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Coventry PD Deploys Radio IP Software

Rhode Island Police Department IP-enables their Dataradio Network and Gains Fast Access to Secure Law Enforcement Data

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Radio IP Software Inc., a leader in wireless data connectivity solutions announced today that the Coventry Police Department has deployed the Radio IP MTG™ software in their efforts to IP enable their Dataradio wireless network.

Since Coventry PD’s infrastructure consists of a proprietary network, it is unable to run new IP-based applications crucial for Public Safety. In the department’s efforts to integrate their CAD/RMS (computer-aided dispatch and records management) solutions, they selected the Radio IP MTG software which is the only true optimized TCP/IP solution for wireless data transmission over public or private narrowband networks.

“Our department was using PacketCluster technology for performing NCIC checks, and we were becoming increasingly unsatisfied with the application. We then selected the new IP-based IMC mobile application with CAD/RMS using Radio IP as the transport layer and we couldn’t be happier. Ever since we switched over to Radio IP, it has been an almost completely hands free operation,” said Sergeant Charles Bourret, MIS Coordinator at the Coventry Police Department.

The Coventry PD needed a means to not only web-enable their proprietary network, but to also achieve minimal Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) standards for encryption in order to continue its access to NCIC and similar mission critical law enforcement databases. Radio IP MTG provides end-to-end security with its FIPS 140-2 and FIPS 140-1 compliant AES, Triple DES and DES encryption.

Moreover, Radio IP MTG drastically improved the throughput of Coventry PD’s network through a combination of its compression and patented Optimized TCP/IP, reducing the amount of data transmitted therefore improving the speed of all transmissions.

“As it stands, Radio IP Software has succeeded in removing the limitations associated with Coventry’s Dataradio network,” said Mike Bourre, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Radio IP Software, commenting on the deployment. “Other agencies in the region with similar configurations have followed Coventry’s lead in deploying Radio IP MTG, including Grafton County, New Hampshire Sheriff’s Office running on a Motorola DataTAC network.”

Coventry PD deployed 14 vehicles on the Radio IP MTG software in 2005.

The Radio IP MTG solution is part of the Radio IP Software family of wireless data applications, which also features RadioRoam®, Radio IP Mobility Manager™, Radio IP Shadoport™ and Radio IP Xpadata™.

About Radio IP Software
Established in 1998 and privately owned, Radio IP Software Inc. is a leader in wireless data. The company provides the most comprehensive middleware for all wireless networks available today from satellite to private radio, public networks, 802.11 hotspots and more.

All wireless networks have their own unique challenges, which Radio IP Software overcomes. Public networks are made safe & secure while private networks become faster and more flexible. Field units wirelessly become part of your LAN with our patented Optimized TCP/IP Connectivity, High-Level Encryption, Wireless VPN and Two-Factor Authentication with smart cards or biometrics. The Radio IP® feature-rich family of applications, including Radio IP MTG™ and RadioRoam®, responds to all your wireless connectivity needs and is available to all field service organizations including public safety agencies, utilities, healthcare and other. For more information, visit the company web site at www.radio-ip.com.

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