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Protecting the Protectors: Law Enforcement Officers To Benefit From Personal Recording System

Audio Witness provides reliable, unbiased, third-party witness to police interactions with public

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — A web-based recording system which allows law enforcement officers to audio-record and review their conversations with members of the public, was launched today by Recordant, the Georgia-based provider of hi-tech audio-capture technology and consulting solutions.

The system, called Audio Witness, is designed with law enforcement in mind, providing a cutting-edge, digital recording solution for use in a law enforcement officer's daily work. It utilizes a digital Personal Recording Device (PRD) to capture interactions between the general public and law enforcement officers, protecting the officers from "he said, she said" situations and enabling them more accurate note taking from interactions with witnesses and suspects. It is anticipated that adoption of Audio Witness will save police department time and money in defending frivolous complaints.

Ron Lau, Vice President of Strategic Development and General Counsel at Recordant, who was responsible for the development of Audio Witness, said, "Law enforcement officers deserve the protection of Audio Witness. False accusations arising from interactions with the general public are distressingly common. Audio Witness provides a reliable, non-biased witness to these situations allowing the chance to review an encounter as a stand-alone or in conjunction with in-vehicle video. We believe this kind of protection will be warmly welcomed by the law enforcement community."

Audio Witness utilizes the very latest technology to provide an effective and user-friendly audio-capture solution. As with Recordant's other products, Audio Witness uses an Application Service Provider (ASP) platform, robust enough to provide a comprehensive solution for audio capture, archiving and evidentiary needs, and providing:

* The highest standards of security, ensuring encrypted non-editable digital recordings.

* All hardware, including portable recording devices and docking stations, minimizing upfront infrastructural investment with rapid implementation and ease of adoption.

* A secure web-based system, utilizing permissions-based user access which provides anytime, anywhere accessibility to both officers and commanders to review or manage stored recordings.

Chris Etter, President and CEO of Recordant said, "The fact that we are now able to provide a product that serves police officers, so soon after our successes working with the soldiers of the National Guard, is particularly satisfying. Recordant will continue to innovate new uses for our core technologies in these exciting new areas. In the meantime, I look forward to working with the law enforcement community to ensure officers are properly protected and, as a result, the public is properly served."

The Audio Witness system is available now, exclusively from Recordant, Inc.

Notes for Editors
Recordant is the first firm to develop and market technology and consulting services that generate meaningful and actionable feedback from organizations' face-to-face and telephonic interactions with the public. Recordant allows retail stores, automotive dealerships, car rental companies, hotel lobbies or military recruiters - indeed, anywhere where employees seek a sales or commitment decision from members of the public - to improve processes, levels of service and compliance standards while training their workforces in the very best practices. Based in Alpharetta Georgia, Recordant is a private company. www.recordant.com

Source: Recordant, Inc.

Kristen Potter of Recordant, Inc., +1-904-483-3824

Web site: http://www.recordant.com/

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