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American Technology's New LRAD-X™ AHD Product Line Being Presented at America's Premier Homeland Security Event

SAN DIEGO, CA — American Technology Corporation (ATC) (NASDAQ: ATCO), the company that created the acoustic hailing and warning device (AHD) market with directed sound products and technologies for commercial and military security, announced today that its proprietary LRAD-X™ products will be presented at America’s premier homeland security event, GovSec 2008, April 23 – 24, 2008 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. GovSec provides an unparalleled forum that fosters communication and cooperation between private industry and government security, law enforcement and first responders at the federal, state, local and tribal level in order to protect America’s citizens and critical assets.   Selected LRAD® (Long Range Acoustic Device) and LRAD-X products will be featured in ATC’s Booth #2413 including the LRAD 100X™, which combines video and directed sound for homeland security and mass notification applications.

ATC also announced it will be showing its LRAD 500X™, with the assistance of a Chinese partner, at CIEPE, April 16 – 19 at the Beijing Exhibition Center in China. CIEPE is an Asia Pacific Police Logistics and Equipment expo where the latest police equipment and technologies are presented.

LRAD-X products use directionality and focused acoustic output to clearly transmit critical information, instructions and warnings well beyond 500 meters.  The LRAD-X product line can be manually operated or integrated into a remotely controlled security network’s command and control center. Through the use of powerful voice commands and deterrent tones, large safety zones can be created while determining intent and influencing behavior. LRAD-X is the only fully integrated solution available today that uses directed sound effectively to assist in securing perimeters, critical infrastructure and potentially saving lives on both sides of the device.

ATC recently held its first public demonstration of the LRAD 500X in San Diego for Congressman Brian Bilbray and other local representatives from law enforcement and public safety agencies. Please go to this link for a video report of the event: http://video.ap.org/v/Legacy.aspx?g=7506c180-725c-4f37-98f1-f1adba6c3670&mk=en-ap&f=cadiu&fg=email

 About American Technology Corporation
American Technology Corporation is Shaping the Future of Sound® by providing directed audio solutions that place clear, highly intelligible sound exactly where needed. ATC’s Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD®), HyperSonic® Sound, and NeoPlanar® product lines make up the core of an expanding portfolio of directed sound products and technologies. For more information about ATC and its directed sound solutions please visit the company’s web site at www.atcsd.com.

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