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Shelby County 9-1-1 Awards Emergency CallWorx® Contract for Next Generation E9-1-1 Call Taking Solution

Six Sites to Benefit from Fault Tolerant, Browser-Based System

Fort Worth, TX--(Business Wire)--Shelby County, AL has awarded Emergency CallWorx (ECX) a contract to provide an integrated, multi-agency Next Generation (NG) E9-1-1 Call Taking solution. Multiple jurisdictions within Shelby County will experience the highest level of system integrity and the lowest annual on-going Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for receiving and handling both traditional and VoIP-based calls using Fault Tolerant servers. Fault Tolerant servers deliver 99.999% system uptime, thus raising the legacy de facto industry standard way beyond mere redundancy, while also simplifying server administration, upgrades and patches. The announcement was made today during the 2009 National Emergency Number Association (NENA) conference being held in Ft. Worth, TX.

ECX employs the latest developments in IP, VoIP and Web 2.0 architecture. ECX systems go beyond NG9-1-1 defined requirements; combining the use and receipt of VoIP telecom technologies, integrated messaging, phase I/II wireless, VoIP caller-specific features, robust notification options and flexible network access into a mission critical emergency response solution. Shelby County will utilize ECX NG9-1-1 call taking by integrating with several legacy Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems.

“A primary goal with this upgrade was to obtain a geographically diverse and fully redundant system to support our two primary and two secondary PSAPs along with a backup PSAP available in case of a primary location catastrophe,” said John Ellison, Executive Director, Shelby County 9-1-1. “The ECX proposed system included a fault tolerate server in two locations and 9-1-1 trunks terminating at each. By providing a fault-tolerant NEC server in two locations we will realize our goal to have a system that will survive the total loss of either of our main facilities.”

Encompassing approximately 800 square miles in Central Alabama, Shelby County is the fastest growing county in the state. The county receives on average 70,080 calls for service per year and responds to about 155,750 incidents.

“By tying together leading-edge communication technologies into an existing workflow,” stated Craig Dollar, founder and CEO of Emergency CallWorx. “Shelby County benefits from technology that meets their needs today, and in the future, without retraining their dispatch operators.”

About Emergency CallWorx
Founded in 2007, Emergency CallWorx, a division of CLJ2, Inc., provides the PSAP and Dispatch community with the industry’s first truly-integrated solution for receipt of Next Generation 9-1-1 call-taking, dispatching of resources, and transmission of critical information to the mobile workforce while providing a vast array of benefits from VoIP technology. Emergency CallWorx products improve control and administration of the E9-1-1, Emergency Management and Dispatch workflow process while enhancing the speed and accuracy of emergency response.

For more information, visit www.emergencycallworx.com.

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