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Nixle, Inc. Provides Business Update

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Nixle, LLC, the first secure and authenticated communication service for location-based information, today provided a business update. Craig Mitnick, Founder and CEO of Nixle, commented, "We see immense opportunity in the SMS distribution network sector and have uniquely positioned Nixle as the only authenticated and hyperlocal messaging technology. Over the past year, we successfully created a national platform for Nixle's technology. Our award-winning Municipal Wire is live across the country and growing users everyday. To establish a user footprint, we offer this service at no cost to public agencies and are pleased with the impact it's had connecting these groups with citizens."

"Our technology is emerging as the global solution to inoperability. As we learn from the tragedy of 9/11, emergency communication over radio frequencies does not allow multiple agencies to send and receive real-time information over one standardized platform. The problem of inoperability has compromised critical response efforts time and time again. We enable agencies to coordinate communication on a secure, reliable and highly efficient SMS network without the need for additional hardware. Our Organizational Text Messaging offering kept 5,200 members of the Pittsburgh Police Department and multiple other law enforcement agencies informed and connected in real-time during the G20 Summit. We're building on this momentum with the introduction of this service and other subscription-based offerings that address the geo-targeted communications and marketing needs of governments and organizations. We will establish Nixle as the preferred SMS enabled communications resource," Mitnick concluded.

Since launching its first service in March, Nixle has made significant progress bringing its highly specialized, proprietary real-time SMS messaging services to market. The Company is rapidly amassing users for its free government, agency and community group services, the Municipal and Community Wires.

The Municipal Wire, Nixle's original offering, now has a client group of over 3,000 law enforcement agencies and organizations in 49 states, including 32 of the largest 50 cities according to the United States Census Bureau. Hospitals and schools are adopting the Municipal Wire to disseminate H1N1 updates. Current distribution feeds reach a database in excess of 125,000 thousand residents daily. Nixle expects to have registered 5,000 agencies and 1,000,000 end users for the Municipal Wire by year's end. Nixle's Municipal Wire was the overall winner of the Innovation Awards' communications category at the 2009 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in Denver.

Nixle expanded its free offering to include the Community Wire, which allows citizen groups to disseminate localized information via SMS, email, and web. The service is an integral part of National Night Out's efforts to better notify residents of public safety information.

Nixle also implemented a clearly defined revenue plan to capitalize on demand for secure SMS distribution networks and targeted group messaging products. As part of the initiative, Nixle will introduce Organizational Text Messaging, the first of a series of subscription based services, within the next 60 days. Intended for intra-group use, Organizational Text Messaging was substantiated as a standardized communications service at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Police Department piloted the technology, using it in place of radios for real-time outreach to a variety of emergency management teams. Communication over mobile devices was seamless and uncompromised. Nixle is in negotiations with several international government entities for similar application of the technology.

To advance its international platform, Nixle partnered with Safe Cities Solutions Israel, a Homeland Security company specializing in security design and planning for governments, cities and police throughout the world. During the partners' September tour of Israel, high level Israeli officials were invited to evaluate the technology. Nixle's services are expected to become available as an early warning missile alert system and a community policing tool for Israeli citizens. Nixle and Safe Cities Solutions are targeting additional opportunities in Africa, Canada, and the UK.

As a next step, Nixle is beta-testing WireWords, a fee-based marketing and promotional service that will enable small to medium size businesses to connect with their customers on a hyper-local basis. It is expected to launch in early Q1, 2010.

To learn more about Nixle and the registration process please visit www.nixle.com.

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