VisionAIR Announces 60-Day Free Trial of Off-Site Backup Solution, VisionDATA VAULT, for Public Safety Agencies Nationwide

VisionAIR®, provider of the integrated Public Safety Suite® of software, announces a 60-day free trial of its disaster recovery off-site backup solution, VisionDATA VAULT. Following several successful implementations of VisionDATA VAULT for VisionAIR clients, the company is expanding this offering to the public safety marketplace at large. Since this automated service is not limited to agencies that use VisionAIR’s Public Safety Suite®, the 60-day free trial is available to public safety agencies (law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and 9-1-1 communication centers) across the nation. Setup for VisionDATA VAULT can occur in less than 30 minutes.

VisionDATA VAULT offers the ability to save any critical data public safety agencies might wish to protect, including exchange servers, file servers, and vital records. Surry County, NC, relies on VisionDATA VAULT to back up vital information, which could be used to completely restore records in the E-911 Department’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, in the Sheriff’s Department’s Records Management System (RMS), and in the County’s Fire Departments’ Fire Records Management System.

Chris Stanley, the Systems Administrator for the Surry County E-911, said, “When you consider the cost of tape drives, software and the requirements to physically manage media for offsite storage, there is a significant savings with the Cloud-based backup model used by VisionDATA VAULT.” Stanley went on to say, “The fact that the data is also offsite is comforting because a local disaster could threaten our backups no matter where they are in town. I believe that we are using a more reliable and secure backup method when you take all this into consideration.”

Information within the Public Safety arena is vital to the success and safety of all personnel. Today, the majority of this data is being stored in digital formats. As a result, it has become increasingly important for agencies to back up this data in the event of hardware failure, since restoring data from the backup is a much less expensive operation than attempting to rebuild the organization’s data. VisionDATA VAULT’s advanced Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology provides organizations with a reliable, cost-effective, and continuous offsite backup solution.

Benefits of VisionDATA VAULT backup include:

· Secure and reliable data protection
· Data stored at a CJIS-certified offsite location
· Easy to manage
· Limited cost, unlimited protection
· Fast recovery time
· Proven technology
· Email verification of each backup
· Compression and encryption with each scheduled backup

Performing a “correct” backup that is restorable when needed may seem fairly simple and straightforward; however, more often than not, individuals discover that the process runs a high risk of being error-prone and may become far more complex than originally anticipated. Conventional backup methodologies such as tape, CD ROM, and external hard drive, often lead to: high failure rates during restoration; slow read/write speed; high maintenance cost; expensive offsite storage of tape library; difficulty in detecting problems before performing restoration; reduced flexibility caused by fixed capacity per backup media; and increased likelihood of occurrence of negligence-induced problems.

Mark Andrews, VisionAIR’s Director of Operations, said, “VisionDATA VAULT is a perfect supplement to our Public Safety Suite of software applications as it supports the company’s concern for meeting the highest standards in client satisfaction and security. As a CJIS-certified company, we understand the importance of secure backups.” Andrews continued, “Since VisionDATA VAULT’s foundation technology is Internet-based, this allows both a robust administration console to meet the needs of sophisticated network administrators as well as an intuitive user experience appreciated by novice users.”

About VisionAIR®
Drawing on extensive industry experience, VisionAIR has developed an open, integrated software solution—the Public Safety Suite®. This proven solution includes Computer Aided Dispatch and Mapping, Records Management, Mobile Data, and Web-Based Data Sharing for 911 centers, law enforcement, fire service, and corrections. As a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, VisionAIR offers solutions built on industry standard platforms. With approximately 500 clients and over 34,000 individual users nationwide, VisionAIR and our partners provide cost-effective, competitive products to support Public Safety and Criminal Justice professionals. For more information, contact VisionAIR at 800-882-2108 or visit

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