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More Law Enforcement Agencies Turning to Memex to Share Information About Criminal Activities

Focus on Customers Helps Intelligence Platform Provider Increase Business 70 Percent in 2009

Sterling, Va.--(Business Wire)--History shows that during difficult economic times, the crime rate tends to rise. But this time around, law enforcement officials have a new weapon to battle it – the ability to share information among local, county, regional, state and Federal agencies thanks to Memex, Inc., the leading worldwide provider of intelligence management, data integration, search and analysis solutions.

“While many of our competitors in this economy are spending their time focused on internal issues, we continue to focus externally on our customers”

Memex’s revenue increased by 70 percent in 2009. The growth has been fueled by new customer wins with Fusion Centers in Michigan, Tennessee, and Maryland, as well as data sharing solutions with the Roanoke Area Criminal Justice Information Network and the Mountain Empire Criminal Justice Information Network. These wins were supplemented by new contracts with the Los Angeles Police Department on its SAR (Suspicious Activity Reporting) initiative, the Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and government organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. The growth has been so explosive, that Memex has moved into new offices in Virginia and has expanded its office space in California.

“While many of our competitors in this economy are spending their time focused on internal issues, we continue to focus externally on our customers,” said Neil Schlisserman, Vice President of Americas for Memex. “We have extensive experience in the law enforcement market and understand the challenges our customers face. Our goal is to give them the tools they need to reduce crime and other threats while improving the allocation of resources, overall decision-making, effective measurement of performance and officer safety.”

Memex has placed a great deal of emphasis on compatibility and compliance with existing systems as part of this commitment. Memex’s intelligence platform provides a single-source portal for analyzing RMS (Records Management Systems), CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch), Intelligence, SAR, open source and other data sources – whether via data aggregation, federated access, or a hybrid approach. This compatibility empowers intelligence officers and staff with the capability to seamlessly examine all the data in one place, using the same data mining tools and user interface, rather than having to log on and off different systems.

“We are very pleased with our results in 2009, and are well positioned to continue on this trajectory growth curve in 2010,” said Schlisserman. “This will occur through further geographic and industry expansion in the Americas, continued product innovation, superior project delivery, and a never-ending focus on our customers.”

About Memex, Inc.
Memex, Inc., is the leading worldwide provider of intelligence management and analysis solutions for law enforcement, military intelligence and commercial organizations – helping to improve intelligence processes, enhance public safety, and prevent and deter criminal acts. Since 1979, Memex has delivered innovative technology solutions and support services around the world. More than 1,000 commercial and intelligence organizations rely on Memex to support and develop their intelligence-led operations, significantly improving their decision-making capabilities and operational effectiveness. For more information, visit www.memex.com.

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