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IACP Invite: A Private Briefing with Raytheon

Raytheon is bringing their demonstration pavilion to IACP 2010 in Orlando where they’ll be showing the latest in interoperable communications technologies. Raytheon Civil Communications invites you to schedule a private briefing, technology demo and/or tour of the pavilion at IACP Booth No. 783.

Raytheon’s unique approach to interoperable communications focuses on open standards, off-the shelf technology and the ability to integrate existing hardware. This cost-effective strategy gives budget-squeezed cities, counties, states and even entire regions the ability to deploy a communications solution.

Additional background briefings at IACP will include:
- Raytheon’s recent initiatives with the L.A. Sheriff’s Department for full in car connectivity.
- The incorporation of P25Net into critical national infrastructure communications.
- Immersive introductory sessions in Raytheon’s 40-foot demo trailer outlining the benefits of truly unified Public Safety communications.

This exciting presentation demonstrates the vast potential today’s technology offers to Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services across the nation.

Contact Raytheon if you would like to schedule a private briefing or tour the demonstration trailer at IACP Booth 783. Additionally, top Raytheon executives and technologists are available during the show for interviews. If you are not attending IACP, Raytheon will be happy to schedule a telephone interview for you.

For more information on Raytheon’s Civil Communications programs please visit http://www.raytheon.com/businesses/ncs/civilcomms.

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