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Avtec Demonstrates Full Integration Between the Scout IP Console System and MOTOTRBO Connect Plus

Avtec is demonstrating the industry's only wire-line console interface to the MOTOTRBO Connect Plus radio system at the 2010 Motorola Channel Partner Road Show. Avtec is a registered Motorola Professional Radio Application Provider.

The Scout IP Console System, a public safety grade VoIP dispatch console, is now available for commercial applications integrated with Motorola’s next generation two-way radio communication solution. Commercial customers previously deployed on early generations of trunked radio can now upgrade to achieve better performance. Scout enables complete control of radio resources through a direct IP interface eliminating costly and inefficient RF control station technology.

What are the benefits of the full-featured Scout IP Console System?

• The IP wire-line interface connects the consoles without wasting RF capacity and offers simultaneous monitoring of 100+ talk groups.

• The IP architecture easily supports multiple console locations with redundancy and mission-critical reliability.

• Console operators can easily manage multiple group and private conversations simultaneously.

• Scout integrates communication technologies such as SIP telephony, telephone interconnect, patching, auxiliary I/O and an instant recall recording into a single easy to use interface.

• Scout interoperates with existing radio equipment for migration and interoperability.

MOTOTRBO Connect Plus, integrated with the Scout IP Console System, provides next generation trunked radio capability to commercial and government organizations. Combined, they deliver a truly scalable, integrated, communication platform based upon next generation Digital Mobile Radio standards that includes the ability to perform group and private calling, radio aliasing, call alerting and emergency notification. Scout’s IP architecture easily supports multi-office/multi-agency configurations as well as business continuity scenarios, yet still provides mission-critical redundancy at an affordable price.

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