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Adutante Multi Channel Recorder Pre-Released to Select Versadial Resellers

Adutante is a collection of Recording Applications with a central server and unified web-based user Interface. The program is developed as a web server application based on the Apache Ofbiz platform with user interface modules designed as Adobe Flash Rich Client applications.

The Recording Manager Module is the first in a series of powerful Adutante tools available to administrators and end-users. It supports several sources/providers of the recordings including: PCagent - a stand alone program for capturing WebCams and MIC inputs, AduScreen - a stand alone program for capturing PC Monitor displayed content, and Versadial multi-channel telephone recorders.

Steve Nguyen, Sales Manager for Versadial says "our resellers have been asking us for a solution that can address monitoring various media sources on customers networks without escalating the project budget, Adutante does just that." He also explains that with "the ease of its web based module and the fact that it works seamlessly with the current VS Logger telephone recorder software make it a valuable upgrade package."

Versadial has just pre-released Adutante to a number of select global resellers to assist with testing and translation into multiple languages. Adutante, with all its features, is ideal for: contact centers, energy and utility companies, financial services, government agencies, healthcare, legal firms, media organizations, security providers and any small business interested in risk mitigation and quality control.

For demo videos and more information, visit www.adutante.com, or send an email to sales@versadial.com.

About Versadial Solutions
Versadial offers call recording software solutions that allow recording of analog, digital, T1/E1, ISDN or VoIP lines. Users can access recordings remotely through their network, over the Internet, in a web browser, or over the phone. Versadial is one of the first to offer cost saving do-it-yourself recording kits. Versadial was founded in 1994 and launched its award winning VS Logger software in 1999. Versadial has continued to innovate in the telephone recording industry. For more information, visit www.versadial.com.

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