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Avtec’s Frontier Optimizes Scout for Multi-Site Environments

Gilbert, SC – Avtec is excited to announce Frontier, an optional software component for Scout console systems developed for multi-site designs. Frontier reduces network bandwidth costs, ties together multiple Scout systems, and reduces the complexity of WAN configuration by eliminating multicast traffic.

“Frontier allows you to share traffic across wide area networks in an efficient way that’s IT friendly,” said Kevin Williams, VP of Product Development at Avtec. “It’s possible to connect sites across networks today, but it’s not easy. Frontier simplifies the process.”

Frontier routes audio and control information between VPGate, Avtec’s IP Gateway, and the WAN, as well as connecting one or more Scout consoles to the WAN to access the remote VPGate.

“Frontier will only let through the audio streams that you actually want to send, as opposed to a multicast environment that sends everything, which is a big bandwidth concern,” Williams said.

Frontier works with any and all types of endpoints due to VPGate’s driver-based technology. Depending on the number of endpoints and consoles of the various system sites, Frontier may reside on the same physical computer as VPGate, or on a separate computer.

About Avtec, Inc.

Avtec, Inc. is the leading provider of mission-critical console systems in North America. With a world-wide customer base, Avtec serves customers in Public Safety, Airline, Railroad, Utility and Government markets. Based on open standards, Avtec offers migration paths from legacy platforms to VoIP systems. Since the delivery of our first console in 1981, Avtec has earned a 30-year unblemished record in providing innovative, reliable console solutions for mission critical applications.  

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