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Avtec Announces Scout 1.10

Avtec's Scout Version 1.10 offers a wide range of console system enhancements to benefit dispatchers, managers, and maintainers. Fully compatible with the over 1,000 Scout consoles shipped to date and available as an upgrade, Avtec continues to bring new value to customers through software enhancements.

Demonstrating Avtec’s commitment to open standards, Scout now supports the P25 Console Sub-System Interface (CSSI) for direct IP connections from VPGate to P25 Trunked Radio systems. This new release of Scout offers an interface that allows integration of console positions with third-party Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, improving dispatcher efficiency. To simplify management of command centers, Scout now includes a touchscreen-friendly console log-in capability that can be used to restrict access and/or provide “free-seating.” To improve ease-of-configuration, all internal configuration web pages have been redesigned to be faster and easier to navigate.

Besides enhancements for the Console positions and VPGate, the Avtec Outpost RoIP controller also receives new capabilities with V1.10. Outpost’s two-wire (2W) telephone port can now be used to remotely control both Vega and SCOM dial-up base station controllers, bridging the gap for these legacy devices to the IP console world. For conventional radios, Outpost can now be configured to provide an “in-cabinet repeat” capability between the Receive and Transmitter.

About Avtec, Inc.

Avtec, Inc. is the leading provider of mission-critical console systems in North America. With a world-wide customer base, Avtec serves customers in Public Safety, Airline, Railroad, Utility and Government markets. Based on open standards, Avtec offers migration paths from legacy platforms to VoIP systems. Since the delivery of our first console in 1981, Avtec has earned a 30-year unblemished record in providing innovative, reliable console solutions for mission critical applications.  

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