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Versadial Solutions Launches Record-That.com Web Camera Recording Application

Irvine, California - Record-That is a web based software application that makes it simple for Internet users globally to monitor and record their homes, families, pets, and businesses using web cameras attached to their PC's and Macs.  Versadial is offering this new product for free with premium upgrade capabilities available through the website.

"Versadial has traditionally provided businesses and resellers worldwide with recording solutions to monitor and record phone, PC screens and web cameras.  Our standard products have included the VS Logger phone recording system and our new Adutante browser-based unified recording portal," says Gene Shennikov, CEO of Versadial. "Record-That now allows non-technical Internet users the ability to easily record their own personal web cameras and store their archives to a (Google-based) Cloud. It has been designed for mainstream use; no complicated setup or technical skills required."

The application can also be used as a basic security and monitoring service.  The inexpensive upgrade features provide higher bandwidth, faster speeds, and enhanced storage capabilities to those who desire them.  It is also easy to use with a mobile phone or device, giving even greater freedom to watch over those things important to the user.

About Record-That
The free and easy webcam monitoring and recording solution for everyone, please visit  www.record-that.com to learn more and start using the application today.

About Versadial Solutions
Versadial has been a leader in call recording since 1999 by offering software solutions that allow recording of analog, digital, T1/E1, ISDN, VoIP and SIP lines. Recent developments in unified communications have Versadial expanding its integration to include other forms of media, like video and screen capture. Versadial continues to distribute its solutions to a variety of vertical business markets, primarily through an ever expanding certified VAR channel. For more information, visit www.versadial.com.

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