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TEA Team Radio with Wireless PTT Switch Provides Secure Communications

Media monitoring of SWAT team communications is eliminated with the new Davies/Marconi PRR headset/radio from TV Equipment. These ruggedized 'mil-spec' radios operate spread spectrum at 2.4GHz - and have 256 channels and an operating range of 500 meters (rural terrain with transmission through up to three floors Urban Terrain). Included in the package is a single phone, boom arm headset with full peripheral hearing. It has an electret noise cancelling mic with whisper speech; fits under helmets and is NBC compatible. The mic will interface to gas masks.

The product includes the world's first wireless press to talk switch at 418 MHz which means users can communicate with both hands on their weapon. The PRR Team radio also offers a dual radio option which allows you monitor and operate your police/military radio at same time as the PRR.

The PRR Team radios are "full mil-spec" products and over 45,000 radios were recently purchased for the British Army.

Friendly fire fatalities are greatly reduced by PRR team radios. See the a PRR Team Radio in use in Kabul, Afghanistan:

For details, visit www.swatheadsets.com and click on New portable radio-headset for Special Forces.

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