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Memoirs from Heaven Offers Posthumous Letter Services for LEOs

TEMECULA, Calif. - Memoirs from Heaven is a posthumous letter storage and delivery service for law enforcement, first responders and military.

Memoirs from Heaven addresses the large and growing need for posthumous communication services. It is the first and only web-based bereavement letter service providing pre-conceived and highly customized letters in the principal’s own words. Options offered are one single letter or a series of letters over time. Memoirs from Heaven provides an innovative service that connects the recently departed with their loved ones while helping ease the initial pain and suffering during the transitional mourning period.

Memoirs from Heaven is the world’s premier company offering first person-authored posthumous bereavement letters and cards. Memoirs from Heaven presents the client the ability to profess their deepest heartfelt thoughts, unending love and affection post mortem. Customers will author personalized letter(s) and card(s) and upload them to the Memoirs from Heaven website.

During the primary phases of operation, Memoirs from Heaven plans to focus its services for the “at risk” demographic including U.S. Armed Forces, first responders (fire, paramedic) and law enforcement, eventually extending its services to a broader global market. Initially, Memoirs from Heaven’s posthumous services will be limited to written letters and cards, but plans on receiving and delivering dog tags, gifts and other digital media in the near future.

About Memoirs from Heaven
Memoirs from Heaven was formed in 2009. It is the first website of its kind to offer a personally authored posthumous letter. For more information visit MemoirsFromHeaven.com and 'Like' the official Facebook page.

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