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VIEVU Sponsors PoliceOne’s Police Hero contest

Asks officers to answer the question, “Who is your law enforcement inspiration?”

SEATTLE, Wa. – VIEVU, the industry leader in body worn video (BWV) for police, law enforcement and other security organizations, is the official sponsor of PoliceOne.com’s “Police Hero” contest, recognizing the most inspiring figures in law enforcement. The contest, which runs from July 8 - August 4, asks PoliceOne’s audience of law enforcement professionals to submit photos and stories about the police officers who inspired them to get into the profession – whether they were fictional, historic or someone they knew personally.

The contest aims to promote the many sources of inspiration found within the law enforcement profession. Entrants will submit a short story about their Hero, and six finalists will be selected by the PoliceOne team. Then, the winner will be crowned by popular vote from the PoliceOne community.

“We are excited to support a contest that is focused on spreading positive news about law enforcement,” said Steve Ward, VIEVU Founder and CEO. “As a company that was created by cops for cops, we all consider VIEVU an opportunity to give back to my former profession and its current members, to provide them with a tool that will aid them with both street and department survivability.”

Several members of the VIEVU team have years of law enforcement experience, and took a few moments to share their “Police Heroes”:

"A policeman who had a lot of influence on me as a rookie officer was my first patrol supervisor, Sergeant Mark Emerson. Sgt. Emerson was an ’old school’ cop who always provided great advice and believed in developing good policeman to serve the City of Oakland. During our first meeting he told me, ‘A career in police work is a marathon and not a sprint. Slow down, take the right steps, and always put others before yourself.’ I remembered this advice throughout my law enforcement career and still do to this day." - Steve Lovell, VIEVU President

"For me, I think all police officers are heroes in some way. After all, they are the ones who face the danger, stress, and chaos of our society on a daily basis. When regular folks need help - the police are who they call. No other profession offers that level of dedication and service to the citizens of this country.

That being said, the partners and SWAT teammates I had in my career were all heroes to me. They stood by me as we all fought against the part of our society that makes our streets unsafe and commits crimes against peace loving citizens. Thanks to them for keeping me safe all those years.” - Steve Ward, VIEVU Founder and CEO

"When I first became a police officer, the work that interested me the most was the work members of a Special Weapons and Tactics Team performed. As I looked into SWAT work, it didn’t take long to learn about Sgt. Ron McCarthy, LAPD Retired. When I became a police officer in 1989, Ron had already been retired for 5 years. Ron had served on the LAPD SWAT Team for 20 years and had received the department Medal of Honor in 1975. He continued to work hard with the NTOA to help SWAT Officers throughout the nation.

I was assigned to the Seattle Police SWAT Team in 1999. Throughout my SWAT career, I’ve always been inspired by Ron McCarthy and his dedication to SWAT Officers and his continued dedication for the development and support of SWAT Officers and Tactics. While working for VIEVU I had the opportunity to meet Ron at a conference in 2008. After talking with Ron concerning SWAT work, I mentioned that I was at the conference with VIEVU. 

I told Ron I believed our wearable cameras were the best way to protect officers from frivolous and malicious accusations of misconduct. I was very proud to learn that he felt the same way. When I asked him if he would be willing to provide a testimonial, he didn’t hesitate and stated, 'I think the smartest piece of equipment an officer can carry, other than a firearm, is your device.'" - Joe Pioli, VIEVU Strategic Accounts

For more information on the Police Hero contest, visit www.policeone.com/police-hero-contest/.

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