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Dictaphone Corporation's Freedom® Recording System Provides County-Wide Solution for Orange County, Florida

Orange County Completes Implementation for All Public Safety Divisions

STRATFORD, CT, April 22, 2003 - Dictaphone Corporation today announced that Orange County, Florida, has successfully completed the county-wide implementation of Dictaphone’s Freedom® recording system in all public safety divisions within the county. The selection and implementation of the Freedom® system culminates a two-year process to standardize the communications recording requirements for this well-known Florida county. Orange County Public Safety elements include the Orlando Police Department and Fire Department, the Orange County Fire Department and Sheriff’s Office, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, the University of Central Florida Police Department and the cities of Apopka, Winter Park, and Ocoee. A total of 328 channels are in use to record and manage all public safety communications, including 911 calls, internal communications, and all radio communications.

“We have been a Dictaphone customer for many years,” said Deborah Caruthers, 911 Coordinator for Orange County. “One of the key factors in our decision to purchase the Freedom systems was the outstanding service that we have received from Dictaphone. With the last of the Freedom systems now installed and operational, we are able to manage and respond to the communications needs of all public safety entities in the county much more efficiently than in the past. We’re very pleased that our goal for standardizing equipment for all sites has been met,”Caruthers continued.

“Orange County has been proactive in standardizing on an expandable, scalable solution that will enable them to add capabilities, such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and digital call authentication, as their needs grow and technology and public safety demands dictate,” said James Lich, Area Sales Manager for Dictaphone. “Freedom is designed to not only meet today’s demands, but to protect Orange County’s investment with its open architecture and ease of expansion and extension of capabilities.”

The Orange County implementation is based on Freedom FT™, which provides a distributed, open architecture using “network appliance” style recording devices. Storage, long a challenging part of recording solutions, is dealt with in the architecture of the Freedom® system with a patented approach that leverages a client’s existing network-based storage devices and investment. Recorded calls and related data are treated the same way as any other data elements and managed accordingly. Whatever the network storage solution the customer has or prefers, the Freedom® system can accommodate it--whether it is a storage area network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, or a simple DVD style system. This approach helps to reduce the total cost of ownership and improves the return on investment of the solution.

Dictaphone’s Freedom® recording system has been a runaway success since its launch in the fall of 1999. Since the product’s introduction, the company has sold over 8,000 Freedom® recording systems, serving mission critical needs in public safety, contact centers and financial organizations at some 4,000 individual customer locations around the world.

About Dictaphone Corporation’s Communications Recording Systems (CRS™) Group
A division of Dictaphone Corporation, the Communications Recording Systems (CRS™) group is a leading provider of communications recording and quality management systems for contact centers, financial services, and public safety environments, with over 18,000 installed customers worldwide. CRS™ solutions are used to record and manage multimedia communications, and its software applications help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce. Dictaphone Corporation, with headquarters in Stratford, CT, has over a century of experience in voice and data technologies and is a leading provider of speech recognition and natural language processing solutions. For more information on Dictaphone Corporation, please visit www.dictaphone.com.


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