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Dictaphone® Introduces Highly Secure Voice Recording Authentication System

Dictaphone’s Freedom® Authentication Solution Helps Ensure Court Admissibility Of Recorded Telephone Calls

STRATFORD, CT, June 10, 2003 - Dictaphone Corporation announced today the introduction of Freedom® Authentication, an add-on module to its Freedom® recording system. Freedom® Authentication uses the latest technology and processes and is designed to meet or exceed Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140-1), Level 2.

Dictaphone has joined forces with Chrysalis-ITS, a leading provider of hardware security modules, servers and appliances, and Baltimore Technologies, a global leader in e-security, to create and deliver Freedom® Authentication. Chrysalis-ITS provides its FIPS 140 Validated Luna 2 Secure Encryption and Key Storage Token, and Baltimore Technologies’ ‘UniCERT™’ provides PKI-based digital certificate services. When combined with Dictaphone’s Authentication software, this package delivers a highly secure methodology that is designed to ensure that voice recordings are in their original and unaltered state.

The Chrysalis-ITS Luna 2 token contains a unique RSA public and private key pair. The public key, along with specific Dictaphone customer information, is placed into an X.509 certificate, which is digitally signed by Baltimore Technologies and programmed into the token. The token is delivered to the customer by a secure means, inserted into the Freedom® system, and activated using a confidential and secure code. As calls are recorded and various meta data are added, an authentication stamp is calculated using a “hash” algorithm, appended to the call, and signed by the token. If any alterations are made to the call after the authentication stamp is applied, Dictaphone’s Authentication player will so indicate. A stand-alone version of this player is available for use away from a Freedom® system in locations such as a courtroom and can be used on a laptop or desktop computer. The player will verify the status of the recorded call to provide non-repudiation that the recording was indeed signed by a specific Freedom® recording system and has not been altered. Freedom® Authentication can sign up to 1500 calls per minute to accommodate even the busiest recording environments. This methodology will help to ensure the admissibility of recorded calls as evidence in a court of law as well as to save time and resources in the duplicating and distribution of evidentiary calls.

“We are delighted Dictaphone has selected Baltimore’s PKI-based digital certificate services” commented Pete Nelson, VP, Americas Sales, Baltimore Technologies. “Combining digital certificates with Dictaphone’s Authentication software helps guarantee the source, privacy and integrity of all recordings to deliver a highly secure system."

“Dictaphone is dedicated to helping our customers solve challenges associated with the recording and court admissibility of voice and data communications,” said Ed Rucinski , Senior Vice President and General Manager of Dictaphone’s Communications Recording Systems (CRS™) group. “Freedom Authentication is the latest in a suite of applications that complement our core recording solutions.”

Dictaphone’s Freedom® recording system has been a runaway success since its launch in the fall of 1999. Since the product’s introduction, the company has sold over 10,000 Freedom® recording systems, serving mission critical needs in public safety, contact centers and financial organizations at some 4,000 individual customer locations around the world.

About Dictaphone Corporation’s Communications Recording Systems (CRS™) Group
A division of Dictaphone Corporation, the Communications Recording Systems (CRS™) group is a leading provider of communications recording and quality management systems for contact centers, financial services, and public safety environments, with over 18,000 installed customers worldwide. CRS™ solutions are used to record and manage multimedia communications, and its software applications help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce. Dictaphone Corporation, with headquarters in Stratford, CT, has over a century of experience in voice and data technologies and is a leading provider of speech recognition and natural language processing solutions. For more information on Dictaphone Corporation, please visit www.dictaphone.com.

About Chrysalis-ITS
Chrysalis-ITS is a leading vendor of hardware security modules, servers and appliances to secure and accelerate applications including electronic financial transactions, SSL, smart card issuance, document security and digital identity management. The company is revolutionizing hardware security with a line of appliances that dramatically simplify the deployment of secure applications. Chrysalis-ITS products power security solutions deployed to customers spanning the world's leading financial institutions, service providers, and government agencies. Chrysalis-ITS products are delivered through a global network of distributors and value-added resellers. Founded in 1994, Chrysalis-ITS is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with regional offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. The company website is www.chrysalis-its.com.

About Baltimore Technologies
Baltimore Technologies’ products, services and solutions address the fundamental security needs of e-business in distributed environments. Baltimore’s e-security technology enables companies to verify the identity of electronic counter parties and securely manages which resources and information users can access through open networks. Many of the world’s leading organizations in Finance and Government have deployed Baltimore’s e-security technology to enable e-business over fixed and wireless networks. Baltimore also offers worldwide support for its authorization management and public key-based authentication products.

Baltimore’s products, services and solutions are sold directly, as well as through its worldwide partner network, Baltimore TrustedWorld™. Baltimore Technologies is a public company, listed on the London Stock Exchange (London: BLM). For more information on Baltimore Technologies, please visit http://www.baltimore.com.


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