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Tait Electronics to Unveil P-25 Compliant Product Solutions At APCO Montreal this August

Houston, TX - Tait North America will introduce its new line of P-25 digital compliant communications solutions at the upcoming Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International, Inc. (APCO) Conference and Expo in Montreal, Canada August 8-12. Called the Tait 9000 Series, this new product group includes portables, mobiles and expandable infrastructure.

According to the company's president Tom Wineland, these products have been "engineered for interoperability and to provide the highest quality and most cost effective solutions that meet the critical communications needs of public safety and 1st response agencies. This includes fire, police, 9-1-1, EMS, disaster preparedness, and other organizations that are planning to switch from conventional to P-25 technology in the future".

Tait Electronics (headquartered in New Zealand) is one of the world's largest voice and data mobile communications designers and manufacturers with customers in over 150 countries.

Adds Wineland, "Our company really prides itself on its engineering accomplishments in two-way technology over the past 35 years. We are a complete radio solutions provider that has successfully supplied the most advanced communications equipment to government and industry around the world for a long time. And now we will do the same with our P-25 contributions in North America. First responders need reliable radio communications that works in the most extreme and difficult conditions, and Tait has the answers".

In conjunction with its new digital technology for public safety and homeland security, Tait will also display its broad line of analog and trunked equipment inclusive of portables, mobiles, base stations/repeaters, end-to-end custom systems, networking solutions, simulcast, voting and MPT1327. Some specific models to be demonstrated include the new TM8110 (voice/10 channels), TM8115 (voice/24 channels), and TM8105 (data @ 9600bps) mobiles. Attendees will also see the TB8100 base station (with its multi-feature sets), the Orca 5000 portable series, some sophisticated systems components and the soon to be released TM8200 mobile (1500 channels).

For more information, contact:
Jerry Bradford, Vice-President Sales
TAIT North America, Inc.
15740 Park Row, Suite 450
Houston, Texas 77084
ph: (800) 320-4037

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