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BMS Introduces Carry-Viewer II Hand Held Digital Receiver

Carry-Viewer II from BMS Poway, CA - BMS, a leading manufacturer of digital microwave equipment, introduced their Carry-Viewer II (CVII) at the ALEA (Airborne Law Enforcement Association) tradeshow in Charlotte, North Carolina. The CVII is a complete hand held digital COFDM microwave receiver, which is the latest addition of BMS' line of digital COFDM transmission products.

President Graham Bunney said, "BMS has established itself as a leader in supporting the law enforcement and public safety community with innovative surveillance products. The Carry-Viewer II has been developed in response to customer feedback on the need for small portable handheld receiving units. Deployment of these units in the field will increase the value of video surveillance assets by allowing viewing of the video, real time, by a greater number of necessary personnel."

The CVII works in conjunction with other BMS digital COFDM products to create a complete digital surveillance solution for law enforcement, public safety, and homeland security agencies.

The CVII is a digital upgrade to BMS' popular SKYLink hand held receiver. It boasts such features as a 7" LCD monitor, MPEG-2 4:2:2/4:2:0 decoding, COFDM Modulation, and use of encryption with a unique PIN code. The receiver is DVB-T compatible and even automatically detects and sets the MPEG & COFDM parameters of the signal being received, making it ideal for use by none technical personnel.

These features provide the ability to increase inter-department and inter-unit communication when used in conjunction with BMS airborne or ground based transmit systems. The CVII is designed to increase air to ground communication by reducing verbal communication errors, alleviate stress on pilots, reduce and allow ground personnel to make critical decisions based on first hand viewing of the live, real-time video.

"Its portability and ease of use allow the Carry-Viewer II to be taken out of the car and into the field" notes BMS' Western Regional Law Enforcement and Public Sales Manager, Steve Yanke. Yanke adds "A picture is worth a thousand words. There is no better way to describe what the pilots see than with live video. The Carry-Viewer II allows agencies to see just that."

BMS, a Cohu company (www.cohu.com) and a leader in COFDM microwave transmission, designs, develops, manufactures, and sells microwave transmission systems. BMS has a broad range of products and systems developed for broadcast television, law enforcement, sports and special event venues, unmanned air vehicles, and military applications.

For more information on the Carry-Viewer II, visit www.bms-inc.com or e-mail sales@bms-inc.com.

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