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Raleigh-Wake County Emergency Communications Center Selects Dictaphone's Freedom rDT Recording System

Trunked Radio Recording Solution Offers Increased Cost-Effectiveness And Faster Audio Retrieval

STRATFORD, Conn. ­ Dictaphone Corporation?s Communications Recording Systems (CRS) group, a leading provider of recording systems for 9-1-1 centers and other mission critical operations, today announced that its long-time customer, The Raleigh-Wake County Emergency Communications Center (ECC), in partnership with Wake County, has chosen Dictaphone?s Freedom rDT solution for trunked radio recording. The Raleigh, N.C.-based ECC serves a population of over 600,000 residents in Wake County and the city of Raleigh, and processes service requests for over 51 different agencies.

Wake County purchased the nine Freedom rDT recorders to record radio transmissions from its new Motorola 800 megahertz trunked radio system. The recorders are installed in the county?s main dispatch center, its disaster recovery backup center, and seven additional intelligent repeater (IR) sites strategically located throughout the county. The Freedom rDT system has enabled the county to record all of their active talkgroups in a cost-effective way.

?Without Freedom rDT, we would only have been able to record about 25 of our 100 main talkgroups, and that would have been a risky proposition,? said Walton Fuller, Deputy Director of The Raleigh-Wake County ECC, and a 23-year veteran of the department. According to Fuller, the system also saves time for the agency, which frequently uses recordings for incident reconstruction. ?In the past, if we had to reconstruct an incident involving police, fire and EMS, it could take hours. With Freedom rDT, we can retrieve recordings using radio IDs, or aliases, or any number of criteria. Freedom rDT makes life a lot easier and improves public safety in the process,? added Fuller.

Freedom rDT dynamically records trunked radio transmissions without requiring separate recording channels for each talkgroup, providing a more cost-effective solution for trunked radio recording that easily scales to support future growth. Another key feature of Freedom rDT is its ability to capture information about each radio transmission (for example, the talkgroup, call type, and radio ID) from the trunked radio system. That data is then mapped and stored along with the voice recordings, making it easier to find and reassemble voice recordings later on.

The Raleigh-Wake County Emergency Communications Center has relied on Dictaphone recording technology for more than two decades. In addition to Freedom rDT, the county also employs Dictaphone?s Freedom FT (fault tolerant) solution to record its 9-1-1 calls. The two systems ­ rDT and FT ­ are fully compatible, with all 9-1-1 and trunked radio recordings stored on the same servers and accessible from the same user interface. ?Your recording system can make you or break you,? said Philip Penny, Director of The Raleigh-Wake County ECC and Southeastern Regional Vice President of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). ?We needed technology that we could rely on and that?s why we chose Dictaphone.?

About Freedom® rDT
Dictaphone?s solution for trunked radio recording, Freedom rDT was designed to save public safety agencies time and money. Freedom rDT dynamically records trunked radio communications and captures associated trunked radio data, providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution for trunked radio recording and retrieval. With Freedom rDT, agencies do not have to purchase expensive recorder interface cards or invest in a high channel capacity recorder to record all of their talkgroups. Freedom rDT allows agencies to record all of their talkgroups utilizing a minimum number of shared channels. Freedom rDT is cost-effective in the long-term too because it can easily adapt to support future growth and the addition of new users and talkgroups within the trunked radio system.

Freedom rDT?s expanded search capabilities dramatically reduce the time it takes to find, retrieve, and reassemble recorded trunked radio communications. Freedom rDT captures data relating to each transmission ­ data that identifies the talkgroup, radio, type of call, and more ­ and then maps that data back to the associated voice recordings. With Freedom rDT, all of the recordings associated with a specific event can be seamlessly reassembled and played back, whether the conversation spanned one or multiple talkgroups, and whether the transmission involved a group, private, emergency, or interconnect call.

Freedom rDT also reduces exposure to risk for agencies that might otherwise choose to record a limited number of talkgroups due to cost or budget constraints. With Freedom rDT, organizations can affordably record one hundred percent of their talkgroups, supergroups, private radio communications, emergency transmissions, and interconnect calls.

Freedom rDT is compatible with the entire family of Freedom recording solutions, so radio and 9-1-1 communications recorded on multiple Freedom platforms can be stored in and accessible from one place, using a single easy-to-use search and playback screen. A user can mix and play back all recordings and seamlessly reconstruct an event from start to finish.


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