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Transcrypt Launches Portable Repeater

Transpeater III Helps Military and First Responders Improve Radio Operations

Transcrypt Lincoln, NE - EFJ, Inc. (NASDAQ: EFJI) announced that its Transcrypt International subsidiary will make the Transpeater III portable repeater system available to its worldwide base of two-way radio users. The Transpeater III fits in the palm of your hand and can convert portable or mobile radios into a temporary repeater system in minutes, benefiting users by extending the range of radio operations. It can also be used to connect two or three normally incompatible radio groups when used in relay mode.

"This versatile product can help first responders during emergency and disaster situations when they need to enhance the range of their radio operations," said Michael Kelley, general manger for Transcrypt. "It is ideal for military, police, fire, and rescue personnel in situations when tactical operations move outside of normal operating range, to remote or isolated locations, or when the terrain interrupts radio communications. Range extension can be critical in situations such as earthquakes and forest fires or even in cities where tall buildings can interrupt communications," Kelley added.

About Transcrypt International
Established in 1978, Transcrypt International is the world's leader in secure voice communication solutions for international, commercial and government customers, delivering land mobile radio security products in over 2,600 different configurations, on over ten thousand communication systems in more than 120 countries throughout the globe. The company designs, manufactures, and markets information security hardware and software that utilizes sophisticated scrambling and encryption techniques to protect sensitive voice and data transmissions. For more information, visit www.transcrypt.com.

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