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Transcrypt Live on Army-Technology.com

New Web Initiative Promotes Voice Privacy to Militaries Worldwide

Lincoln, NE - Transcrypt International (NASDAQ: EFJI) announced today that the company is now actively promoting its voice security products to militaries worldwide on the army-technology.com web site. The Transcrypt information on the site includes company background, voice security product applications and new product information regarding Dark Star, the Company's new digital encryption for analog radios. Transcrypt page can be viewed at www.army-technology.com/contractors/navigation/transcrypt.

"The military market is an important customer group for Transcrypt and the new Dark Star product is ideally suited for situations where voice security is absolutely vital to operations," said Michael Kelley, general manger for Transcrypt. "Promoting Transcrypt products on the army-technology.com web site will help to create additional awareness for Transcrypt voice security solutions among a worldwide military audience. With Transcrypt product being sold to over 120 countries worldwide, it is also serves as a powerful educational tool for our dealers to use in their marketing efforts and will drive additional traffic to the transcrypt.com web site," Kelley added.

About Transcrypt International
Established in 1978, Transcrypt International is the world's leader in secure voice communication solutions for international, commercial and government customers, delivering land mobile radio security products in over 2,600 different configurations, on over ten thousand communication systems in more than 120 countries throughout the globe. The company designs, manufactures, and markets information security hardware and software that utilizes sophisticated scrambling and encryption techniques to protect sensitive voice and data transmissions. For more information, visit www.transcrypt.com.

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