Best earpiece for high noise environment?

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Best earpiece for high noise environment?

A few years ago I needed a listen-only earpiece system for the Motorola XTS-5000 radio system. The earpiece was intended for use in high noise environments, such as bars, dance clubs, or outside on the highway. I currently use the "secret service" style clear tube with the silicone earbud. It's comfortable and easy to clean, but mostly works best in LOW noise environments or situations where covert actions are preferred. I'm willing to forfeit the low-key style of my current earpiece for something more functional in louder noise applications. I've seen a version similar to the clear tube style I currently use, but instead of the silicone earbud the tube led into a 3-level earplug style earbud. The earplug was the type one might use for a firing range, except it was hollow in the center for the tube to transmit the radio traffic. The piece priced around $80 so I wasn't too sure to buy it if it wasn't a guaranteed problem solver.

Posted by weepul81
Wednesday, January 04, 2012 10:14 AM Pacific


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