Communication as a weapon, how will you respond?

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Communication as a weapon, how will you respond?

Communications technology has become such a part of "daily life" within our society over the years that it becomes easy to forget just how powerful these devices and their supportive applications truly are. My question then is this: "What strategies and/or technologies are being developed for use in a situation where communications devices are being used tactically by multiple actors?" In this scenario, the threats would not necessarily be confined to "cell phones" and "social media" being used to "set up" the circumstances. Ie. When trying to generate a flash mob. But might also include such uses as coordinating movements or attacks, opportunities for escape, creating confusion or distraction, conducting counter surveillance, etc. To follow: "What advancements in technology or software are going to be available for tactical use in these situations? Ie. Wide band "jamming" devices? Something designed to exploit either the devices directly in order to disable them? Perhaps even software developed for use in identifying / infiltrating the networks or devices being used. Ie. "Creating software that could "seek out" and identify what "type" of media might be in use, (social, SMS, blue-tooth, etc.) Thus providing the opportunity to apply specific tactical responses." (Just as an EMP device does to a car, so might my next "signal interrupter" do to those devices?) Sincerely, Policetac

Posted by policetac
Tuesday, December 18, 2012 08:29 PM Pacific

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