November 2009 MHz Update: Money in Kentucky, fusion in Michigan, and data everywhere

The PoliceOne MHz Update provides a quick look into what’s current in mobile communications and computing for law enforcement. This month we look at news from Kentucky that state grant funds have been awarded to agencies in five counties so they may get mobile computers in their squad cars, a pair of announcements from companies that provide data-sharing and information management capabilities to the mobile law enforcement environment, and one last chance for you to add your comments to the FCC call for feedback on the 700MHz waiver requests. What do you think are the most important problems (or solutions) for mobile data and voice communications for law enforcement? Add your comments below or send us an e-mail.

Ky. Counties Get Grant Money for Mobile Computing
A consortium of five counties in Eastern Kentucky has secured a grant (valued at more than $60,000) for installation of mobile computers in the squad cars of four agencies in the area. According to a report in the Maysville Ledger Independent, the Buffalo Trace Area Development District has been awarded money from a state fund intended for Homeland Security that will enable police officers with the Fleming County Sheriff's Office, Lewis County Sheriff's Office, Vanceburg Police Department, and the Bracken County Sheriff's Office to have mobile computing at their fingertips while on patrol.

“Once the law enforcement agencies are provided with the MDCs, Buffalo Trace ADD hopes to secure grant money to provide other area first responders, such as fire departments and emergency medical services, with this equipment,” Melinda Charles a staff writer for the Ledger Independent, said in her report. “Earlier phases of the project are credited with putting MDCs to other police agencies in the area.”

The PoliceOne MHz Update provides a quick look into what’s current in mobile communications and computing for law enforcement.

The PoliceOne MHz Update provides a quick look into what’s current in mobile communications and computing for law enforcement.

Real-Time Information Solution for Officer Safety Announced
A division of BIS Computer Solutions called Mobile BIS has announced the release of new law enforcement software solution intended to enhance officer safety. In an email sent to PoliceOne editors, the company says its new mobile application provides police officers “with instant access to an individual’s criminal history, gang affiliation, a color-coded warning rating, and more, all from the officer’s patrol car.”

“Police officers on street patrol can now approach an individual or a motor vehicle with instant information and a warning cue as to the danger of the situation,” Mobile BIS President Michael Macho said in a written announcement. “It’s a tremendous boon to the officer’s safety and ensures that back-up requests are initiated before a dangerous situation develops.”

Mobile BIS’s law enforcement and public safety applications are reportedly in use in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and New York.

Michigan Adds Data-Sharing Technology at Fusion Center
An undisclosed number of federal agents and as many as 21,000 state and local law enforcement personnel — within some 600 law enforcement agencies in the state of Michigan — will soon start using a single intelligence software platform to analyze threats and share data.

That platform, known as the Michigan Criminal Intelligence System (MCIS), will operate on the Memex information management, analysis, and search technology platform and will be operated by the Michigan State Police. The data-sharing technology will be used in the Michigan Intelligence Operations Center for Homeland Security (MIOC), the state’s fusion center. The MIOC is the 12th fusion center to select Memex as its foundation for intelligence and the sixth statewide deployment.

“Law enforcement in Michigan will benefit greatly from a common intelligence platform for information sharing as well as Memex’s engaging approach to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software deployment and customer service,” said Neil Schlisserman, Vice President of Memex Americas.

HP Enterprise Services, one of the biggest technology services providers on the planet, is serving as sub-contractor, on the implementation.

Last Call for Comments on 700MHz Waiver Requests
As we’ve previously reported, a dozen public safety entities (and one private sector concern) have filed waiver requests with the FCC seeking permission to build their own regional wireless broadband networks in 700MHz.

The FCC spent the better part of a month and half collecting public comment on those thirteen petitions for waiver and the window to “comment on the comments” closes in less than one week (on November 16). If you haven’t made your contribution to the discussion, now is your last chance to do so. Any entity with a concern or observation on the matter is encouraged to send their remarks to the FCC.

Find out how to submit your comments in this PoliceOne Tech Tip.

As always, stay tuned!

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