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Futurecom released VRX1000 vehicle radio extender at APCO 2014

New vehicle radio extender offers portable radio coverage extension for public safety

By PoliceOne Staff

In partnership with Motorola Solutions, Futurecom Systems Group launched a new vehicle radio extender product line for public safety at APCO 2014. The VRX1000 is a compact 3 watt simplex radio extender that can be configured for cross-band or in-band operation.

The new vehicle radio extender from Futurecom is available in VHF, UHF, 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands and is compatible with APX 4500, APX 6500 and APX 7500 series mobile radios.  The 700MHz and 800 MHz versions of the VRX1000 will ship in late 2014 while the VHF and UHF versions will be available starting in the beginning of 2015. 

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