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New From Tait: Tait TM8260 Offers Interoperability, Increased Safety While Tait TM8235 Provides A Cost Effective Mobile Option

HOUSTON, TX - Tait Electronics' ground-breaking new TM8260 dual band radio system for the public safety sector will vastly improve users' safety and ability to cooperate, at a time when agencies face an increasing need for interoperability between mission-critical communications solutions.

Reliable and effective public safety communications is crucial, particularly in the US in light of recent world events. With the TM8260 public safety solution and its ability to receive and transmit simultaneously on two frequency bands, independent groups of users can work together with interoperability, reliability and efficiency at the heart of their communications.

Bill Fredrickson, President of Tait North America, Inc., says the TM8260 is an innovative, value-for-money analog solution that will provide both safety and communications efficiency for its users.

The solution features dual radio bodies remotely mounted and controlled by a single radio head and operating across two frequency ranges, and enables different groups of radio operators and users such as fire officers, ambulance staff and dispatchers to quickly and reliably communicate during public safety incidents.

"This is absolutely crucial for US public safety personnel working at mission-critical incidents - without a solution enabling communications interoperability, they often need to operate a number of radios to communicate across agencies," Fredrickson said.

"This radio solution, which achieves cost-effective interoperability for our analog customers, is a first for Tait. This development certainly cements Tait's position as a provider of increasingly innovative analog products and solutions at a time when many manufacturers are focusing solely on digital," he added.

The TM8260 radio system offers cross-band linking, and when connected to a GPS receiver can also provide safety-enhancing location information for independent groups of users working together - a compelling proposition according to Fredrickson.

This solution is backed up by more than 30 years of radio communications experience at Tait, and offers a large alphanumeric display and intuitive menu structure as well as 1500 conventional channels.

Tait has also released the TM8235 MPT 1327 trunked mobile, offering customers a choice in TM8000 trunked mobile radios to suit a variety of operators' and users' needs and further enhancing the TM8000 mobile radio range.

According to Fredrickson, this mobile which features a 3-digit LCD display, is ideal for fleets of all sizes from bus integrators to electric utilities and represents excellent value for money.

"Our customers can now select the ideal TM8000 trunked radio according to their specific operational and budgetary requirements. Tait has led the way in mobile radios for many years, and now with the enhancement of the TM8000 range, we're able to offer our customers a wider choice than ever," says Fredrickson.

The TM8235 enables 3-digit dialing with large fleet access (0-999). 100 conventional channels and built-in CTCSS and DCS allow users to access a conventional radio network when needed, or when out of range of the trunked network.

Unlike many competitor products at a similar price, the TM8235 offers MAP27 data capability and Direct Connect GPS as standard.

With exceptional RF performance, rugged design and advanced technology, the TM8235 and TM8260 mobile radios have all the excellent features of the TM8000 range.

Tait Radio Communications is a leading international manufacturer and provider of world-class mobile voice and data communications equipment. Tait North America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Tait Electronics, Ltd. based in Christchurch, New Zealand and has been a growing presence in the North American radio communications market for more than 20 years.

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