TEA Headsets Expands Tactical U94 Push-to-Talk Product Line

BREWSTER, N.Y. - The ruggedized single radio U94 Push-to-Talk has quickly become a favorite among military and law enforcement tactical operators because of the ability to work with practically any radio or headset. Following its popularity, TEA saw an additional need to expand the U94’s capabilities which now includes single and dual radio LAND versions, special radio+ICS (AIR) versions as well as single and dual radio (H2O) versions. 

For more than 40 years TEA has been well known for providing the highest quality in headsets and communication accessories. In addition to providing headsets TEA also provides one of the largest varieties of tactical and discrete push-to-talk switches that enables users to easily key up and communicate in applications ranging from high altitude jumps to submerged maritime operations.

What’s hot now, the Tactical U94 Push-to-Talk with H2O Boot
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Tactical U94 Push-to-Talk
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Dual U94 Push-to-Talk
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Submersible U94 Push-to-Talks
Single and Dual Radio submersible versions are also available for the maritime versions of the PRC 148 (10-pin) and PRC 152 (6-pin) as well as other common submersible radios. The single radio version includes an oversized transmit button that makes it easy to use with bulky gloves on. Click here for more info.

Additional options or configurations of the U94 are available upon request.  TEA Push-to-Talk switches can be configured to work with any of their headsets, and practically any radio, ICS or communication device. For more information go to www.TEAheadsets.com or contact a TEA representative.


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