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Waveband's Accessory Products Selected for 2013 Inauguration

Waveband Communications, LLC radio accessories are a hit for the 2013 Inauguration. After intense testing and evaluation several law enforcement agencies decided to go with Waveband Communications over the competition for their critical two-way radio accessory needs for this historic event.

Some of these high profile customers included but were not limited to the Department Of Homeland Security, FBI, DEA and various two-way radio dealers throughout the nation.

We were very confident that our two-wire surveillance kits, adapters, and batteries would be selected over the competition. “High profile events like this are great for our sales but go beyond this and provide us with the ultimate proving ground for our line of products” said Nick Hohman National Sales Manager.

“I can’t say I’m surprised our accessories were chosen over the rest of the pack. We were able to supply extremely durable and reliable products at a fraction of the cost of our major competitors.

This was a big step for us and it’s great to see that our vigorous product development efforts in conjunction with our industry leading quality control are really starting to pay dividends.”


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