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Transcrypt Announces VoSec Digital Encryption

New Anti-Eavesdropping Radio Product

Transcrypt International has begun shipping Transcrypt's VoSec digital encryption solutions for two-way analog radios. The product line offers 128-bit security, whereby unwanted listeners hear only "white noise," while the intended listener hears clear, natural sounding voice. VoSec security is available for both the US and international markets.

The VoSec digital encryption solution includes modules for portable and mobile radios, a Keyload Radio Interface Box (KRIB) and proprietary keyloader software. To maximize security over time, unique security parameters can be changed securely via wireline or over-the-air. In tactical situations, radios can be "killed" in an instant when they are lost or stolen, preventing adversaries from using stolen radios to their advantage.

"Eavesdropping is a huge risk to homeland security. Scanners are easily and widely available. Enemies, criminals, and drug dealers are using them to listen to critical communications which may compromise the security of information and personnel," said Michael Kelley, Vice president and general manager of Transcrypt. "Transcrypt's new VoSec voice security modules enable analog radio users to benefit from the highest level of digital encryption," Jalbert added.

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