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Transcrypt Announces Kenwood Intrinsically Safe Radio/Encryption Solution

Transcrypt International announced that Kenwood U.S.A. has successfully completed intrinsically safe testing of Transcrypt encryption modules in Kenwood two-way radios. Select models of Kenwood conventional and LTR VHF/UHF portable radios can now be fitted with Transcrypt encryption to provide secure communications in high-risk industrial and petro-chemical environments.

Transcrypt encryption will be available for TK-2180/3180, TK-2170/3170/3173, TK-290/390, TK-280/380 and TK-480/481 portable radios. Kenwood's TK-5210 P25/FM portable may also be fitted with Transcrypt encryption for FM mode. Transcrypt modules are available in a variety of levels based upon the radio users' security needs. Kenwood radios equipped with Transcrypt encryption are required to pass through Kenwood for intrinsically safe inspection, logging and certification labeling.

"Many two-way radio users work in dangerous environments that require intrinsically safe communications products to reduce the risk of explosions and fire," said Michael Kelley, vice president and general manager of Transcrypt. "We are pleased to provide secure communication products that assist in securing sensitive locations such as oil fields and refineries and other critical infrastructure. Adding Transcrypt's encryption to a Kenwood radio can help keep confidential information from falling into the hands of unwanted listeners," Kelley added.

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