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General Dynamics Announces First Type 1 Secure Phone for GSM

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General Dynamics Sectera Secure Wireless Phone WASHINGTON, D.C. — June 6, 2002 — General Dynamics Decision Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE:GD), announced today the availability of the Type 1 certified Sectera® Secure Wireless Phone for GSM. The phone will be used by U.S. government personnel for secure communications over commercial GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) wireless networks worldwide. The National Security Agency (NSA) certified the secure phone’s ability to protect classified information up to the Top Secret level on June 3, 2002.

Certification of General Dynamics’ secure wireless products is a significant achievement in the U.S. government’s overall secure wireless strategy, according to the NSA’s Office of Secure End-User Technologies. The Type 1 phone, which consists of a clip-in secure module designed for use with the Motorola Timeport™ Tri-band phone, operates over commercial or private GSM systems in the 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz GSM bandwidths and is designed with the latest convenience and security features.

“The Sectera Secure Wireless Phone for GSM gives government users access to commercial technology and infrastructure and provides a means to exchange sensitive and classified information with end-to-end security,” said Mark Fried, General Dynamics Decision Systems president and general manager. “We have received many inquiries from our customer base in advance of this product’s introduction because of the widespread need for high assurance secure wireless telecommunications products.”

The Sectera Secure Wireless Phone for GSM interoperates with the General Dynamics Sectera Wireline Terminal, which was announced in April 2002. The wireline terminal is a compact, lightweight device that connects to a standard analog telephone or a personal computer to provide secure voice and data communications. General Dynamics also plans to introduce a commercial version of the secure GSM phone, which will be available for export.

GSM is the fastest growing wireless telecommunications technology around the world, with over 646 million users spanning 168 countries, and more than 400 GSM network operators worldwide. “GSM is clearly the best wireless service for carriers and consumers alike,” said Tim Wong, executive vice president and chief technology officer of VoiceStream, a leading wireless service provider of GSM. “It is the most successful digital standard, bringing the benefits of global roaming to consumers and economies of scale to operators. The combination of GSM, Type 1 security and VoiceStream’s offering of Wireless Priority Service provides the U.S. government with unprecedented capability for assured and protected communications for routine as well as national security and emergency preparedness missions.”

The wireless and wireline products employ General Dynamics’ Sectera Interoperable Security Architecture, which results in secure product designs that are high assurance, reusable, upgradeable and software-programmable. Additionally, the products comply with U.S. government-sponsored Future Narrow Band Digital Terminal (FNBDT) standards and will securely interoperate with other FNBDT-compatible devices.

General Dynamics Decision Systems, based in Scottsdale, Ariz., is a leader in technologies, products and systems for information assurance, communication and situational awareness for defense and industrial customers in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to the Scottsdale headquarters, General Dynamics Decision Systems has facilities in Huntsville, Ala., Orlando, Fla., and Columbia, Md., as well as other locations close to customer centers of operation.

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