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Transcrypt Launches Scrambler for Icom Radios

Company Introduces IC20-DES Voice Privacy Module

Transcrypt Lincoln, NE - Transcrypt International (NASDAQ: EFJI) announced that the Company has launched a new high level security plug-in style scrambler designed to provide voice privacy for Icom land mobile radios. The compact module is extremely quick and easy to install and fits in many popular Icom radios, including the F3, F4, and F43 style radios.

Transcrypt's new IC20-DES scrambler offers secure voice communications when installed into various models of Icom radios. Using a DES algorithm, this module provides protection against the most determined and technically capable listeners. This high level of security is appropriate for military, government and police applications in securing communications from adversaries, terrorists and insurgents. This scrambler offers full use of Over-The-Air- Reprogramming (OTAR) and Stun capabilities, enabling radios to be disabled remotely if they are lost or stolen during tactical operations. The IC20-DES also features excellent recovered voice quality and has a limited effect on the radio's range and system performance.

"Transcrypt continues to add to its wide variety of radio applications and levels of security for two-way radios. Our goal is to offer the best voice privacy solutions for most every popular make and model of analog radio and for all types of radio systems. With the political climate in the world today, voice privacy is in demand for just about every brand of two-way radio," stated Michael D. Kelley, general manager for Transcrypt. "We added over 60 new radio applications in 2004 and there are additional new applications in the pipeline already for release in 2005," added Kelley. Transcrypt has over 2,700 radio applications for various brands and models of mobile and portable two-way radios. "We have been working closely with Icom America on custom Transcrypt products which plug-in and integrate easily in their radios. There has been a great deal of interest in voice privacy modules for Icom's portable analog radios, especially for the F43 style which is popular with military, public safety and police users," said Lori Kowal, director of engineering for Transcrypt.

About Transcrypt International
Established in 1978, Transcrypt International is the world's leader in secure voice communication solutions for international, commercial and government customers, delivering land mobile radio security products in over 2,700 different configurations, on over ten thousand communication systems in more than 120 countries throughout the globe. The company designs, manufactures, and markets information security hardware and software that utilizes sophisticated scrambling and encryption techniques to protect sensitive voice and data transmissions. For more information, visit www.transcrypt.com.

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