Allstar Knowledge Systems Announces the Computer Assisted Gang Enforcement(CAGE) System

The Computer Assisted Gang Enforcement (CAGE) system has a specialized module designed to meet the needs of Corrections for use in intelligence gathering and tracking of Security Threat Groups and Security Threat Individuals. This enables greater liability control through the ability to enhance officer and inmate safety and to make more informed housing, movement and classification decisions.

The Automated Case Management System is ideally suited for Internal Affairs investigations where the need for security is paramount.

CAGE has a complete set of investigative and management tools for Corrections to include:

  • Gang Tracking
  • Gang Member Certification
  • Form Generation & Tracking
  • Threat Tracking
  • Officer Safety
  • Ad Hoc Inquiry
  • Gang Methods of Operation
  • Gang Activity
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Scanned Drawings
  • Risk Management
  • Link charting

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