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Foster + Freeman Releases New Crime Scene Investigation Equipment

Investigating crime scenes will become more efficient thanks to a new product just released by Foster + Freeman.

Foster + Freeman have launched the Crime-lite®XL which enables CSI professionals to gather evidence from crime scenes using the high intensity light sources.

Blood, body fluids, drugs, fibres, explosive residues and stained fingerprints can all be detected using the different light sources from the Crime-lite®XL, which can be ready to use at crime scenes in seconds. It can also be used in the forensic laboratory.

The new Crime-lite®XL range has 96 high intensity LEDs and offers exceptional levels of narrow bandwidth illumination, capable of revealing the minutest traces of evidence.

Bob Freeman, founding partner of the company, says, “We recognised several years ago that LEDs, as they became more powerful, would provide the perfect source of light for crime scene search and we created the first Crime-lites. Since then we have improved the product with the Crime-lite 82 range and now, with the Crime-lite XL, we have pushed the technology to the current limit – it’s powerful and yet still easy to use. It should enable the CSI to leave the crime scene with much more evidence”

Unlike many other light sources, the Crime-lite®XL has been engineered to provide narrow angle and shadow free light beams without ‘hotspots’ that will enhance the crime scene investigator’s ability to detect evidence.

The range offers blue, blue-green, green and orange wavelengths with 10% intensity bandwidths of 40 to 70nm.

The new range comes with the provision of additional clip-on ‘trimming filters’ that further reduce output bandwidths to 10nm. These enhance the visibility of evidence by reducing or eliminating interference from background fluorescence.

About Crime-lite®XL

The Crime-lite®XL is constructed of anodized aluminium for strength and durability and is mains as well as battery powered.

The range offers levels of illumination and ease of use that will almost certainly increase the detection of evidence.

It is available individually or as cased sets which include anti-glare fluorescence viewing goggles, matching camera filters, AC mains power adaptor and other essential accessories.

The Crime-lite®XL range has been classified to the latest safety standard IEC62471:2008.

About Foster + Freeman

Foster + Freeman design and manufacture systems for the examination of questioned documents, latent fingerprints, trace evidence and shoe prints.

Established in 1978, Foster + Freeman, based in Evesham, Worcestershire, UK, has become one of the foremost suppliers of forensic technology in the world, exporting market leading, and in many cases unique products to more than 140 countries.

For more details about this release call Julie Voyce, Public Relations Officer on +44 (0) 1494 773131 or +44 (0) 7944 736781
email julie.voyce@fosterfreeman.com or visit www.fosterfreeman.com

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