Forensic Crime Scene Investigation Academy

This course will cover everything from our basic class to include intermediate instruction all the way to the advanced crime scene investigator. At the end of this course all personnel will be able to work any crime scene that they may encounter in his/her career.

Topics include: Crime Scene Management Procedures, Contamination and Preservation of evidence, Warrants, Photography, to include low light and 1:1, Marking and packaging, Fingerprints and processing, ALS Techniques, Super gluing, Chemical enhancement, Casting, Homicide, Burglary, Sex, Suicide, Death, Narcotic, Arson, Multi-victim scene investigations, Introduction to Anthropology, Entomology, Bloodstains, Traffic fatalities, Bombing Scene Investigation, Autopsy, report writing and much, much more.

Call 410.257.7255 for a registration form.

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8 features analytics software offers to solve crimes

8 features analytics software offers to solve crimes

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