Rust-Oleum Inverted Marking Paint and Chalk For Law Enforcement Use

Rust-Oluem Marking Paint and Chalk VERNON HILLS, Ill. - Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands offers Industrial Choice Inverted Marking Paints and Chalks that are ideal for use in Law Enforcement for marking traffic accidents, incidents and crime scenes.

Available in a large selection of general purpose and fluorescent colors, Industrial Choice Marking Paint is easy to use and has a no-mess spray through cap that keeps paint off fingers. It results in precise, vivid, easy-to-read markings that last up to 90 days. The paint can be applied in temperatures as low as 25 F.

Industrial Choice Marking Chalk is great for use for temporary markings that last 15 to 30 days. The chalk also features a precision-line spray tip for crisp markings and is available in popular colors.

The convenient 17-ounce size spray cans fit easily in the trunk of a patrol car. The fast dry formulas can be used on concrete, gravel, grass, dirt, pavement and more. Rust-Oleum also offers a marking wand that is lightweight yet durable and has a comfortable grip for easy marking.

For more information on Rust-Oleum® Industrial Choice™ Precision-Line Marking Paints and Chalks, contact Laura Menze at or 800-769-6565 or visit us on the web at:


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