Firearm lock-up: The RAC Anti-Theft Storage System

Storage device for sidearms keeps them safe and locked

By Scott M. Bruner
PoliceOne Product Editor

Police departments looking for a solution to keeping their officers and firearms safe, protected and away from the hands of criminals and children, may want to check out the RAC: Anti Theft Storage System. The RAC is a locking system designed to provide officers with immediate access to their sidearms, while making it impossible for perpetrators to get their hands on them.

The locking arm for the RAC swivels a full 360-degrees while the locking post passes through the trigger house. The RAC can handle most standard firearms including many Glock, Sig, and Smith & Wesson models, including the .357. It can withstand up to 4,300 pounds of pressure and boasts a patented, mounting set-up to prevent tampering. The RAC can be installed at the station or in a patrol car, within the trunk or glove compartment. It can also be built to specification for specialty vehicles.

"Using the security key for the safety lock, I opened the device, inserted and locked down my personal Sig Sauer P220…The lock proved to be impenetrable... The weapon was virtually inaccessible by an unauthorized user and totally inoperable," Michael Barrett of the FBI said. "Yet, utilizing the key for the security lock, in seconds I was able to unlock the device and have it available for use in the event of an emergency."

In addition to securing issued weapons, the RAC can be used to secure confiscated firearms as well. The RAC comes in a number of sizes, as well as a 5-inch configuration for securing multiple weapons. The standard is a 3-inch model, while the FBI uses a 5-inch to secure AR-15s and the Remington 870 in unmarked vehicles.

It has been tested by the Consumer Protection Safety Commission and passed all of the commission's trigger and cable lock tests. It is also included in the list of approved firearm safety devices of the California Attorney General's office.

The device was originally designed for personal use and safety, invented after an innocent child was shot with an unsecured weapon. The device has quickly found its way into law enforcement and military applications, however, providing a singular means for keeping firearms out of the hands of perpetrators. It is now used in 13 law enforcement agencies including the Los Angeles and Detroit police departments

It is available on GSA Advantage and can be ordered at the GSA rate.

The RAC is designed by US RAC. Their current line of products is developed with five U.S. patents and they can be found online at

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