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Allied Security Innovations Introduces CRATE SECURE©

FARMINGDALE, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Allied Security Innovations, Inc. through its subsidiary, CGM-AST has designed another innovative product adding to its best selling line of efficient and cost-effective security technologies. The product, CRATE SECURE is expected to add yearly volume of over $1.5M to CGM-AST, the global leader in tamper-evidence security products. CGM-AST believes that CRATE SECURE is the best solution for un-attended assets and identification for crated cargo.

“The requirement to protect our supply chain from terrorist or criminal disruption remains paramount. There are hundreds of thousands of specialized products such as aviation parts, missiles, ammunition, electronics and machinery that require specialized heavy-duty packaging. CRATE SECURE will enable rapid inspection of crated cargo and allow the possibility of increased security for materials and goods requiring crates,” states Anthony Shupin, CEO & President. “CRATE SECURE is unique and does not require special tooling. It can be customized, and contains all the unique security features that make up our #1 selling products.”

“CRATE SECURE can be applied at point of origin, or it can be applied by post scanning inspectors to ensure that the crates have not been compromised. The unique features of sequential numbering and self wound tape for ease of dispensing make it productive, cost-effective and easy to use,” stated Bob Frucci.

For more information on how CRATE SECURE may be incorporated into tamper evident security systems, contact Bob Frucci, (bfrucci@cgm-ast.com) CGM-AST Director for North America at 800-899-2246, or Gina Levinson,(glevinson@cgm-ast.com) Director for International Business at +732-751-1044.

About Allied Security Innovations, Inc.

The company, based in Farmingdale, NJ, develops and markets integrated enterprise-wide image applications specifically designed for criminal justice organizations. Customers include states, cities, counties, corrections, justice, and public safety agencies. Additional information is available online, at www.ddsi-cpc.com.

Its subsidiary, CGM Applied Security Technologies, Inc., with locations in Farmingdale, NJ and a factory in Staten Island, NY, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Homeland Security products, including indicative and barrier security seals, security tapes and related packaging security systems, protective security products for palletized cargo, physical security systems for tractors, trailers and containers, as well as a number of highly specialized authentication products. Additional information is available online, at www.cgm-ast.com.

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