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Interdiction Seizures: Dope vs. Cash

When teaching interdiction I am often asked the question: “Which side of the highway do I work, the dope side or the money side?” Let me explain that phrase. Interdiction officers typically work a major highway that is a drug route. For example, in Texas, dopers travel southbound into the state from northern states carrying large amounts of cash for the dope purchase, either in Texas or Mexico, depending on where there connection is. This is what we refer to as the “money side” of the highway. Typically, they will leave the state traveling northbound, eastbound or any other direction that leaves the state and travels into other parts of the country. This is typically referred to the “dope side” of the highway. So when we discuss working the money side or the dope side, it all comes down to the individual officer’s preference. But there are several factors to consider. I’ve personally preferred to have worked the “dope side” for the last 17 years and my reasons are simple.

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