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Shellback Tactical Go Time Chest Rig

By Flint Hansen

Over the years I have written articles on go bags for active shooter scenarios. While most of the bags were very good pieces of gear, some of them would have been better off if they had made the bag, vest or chest rig smaller. Let me explain.

One of my biggest fears as a parent is hearing about another school shooting. If there is an active shooter at a school, SWAT may be called out, however, by the time they get there, the incident may be over. The beat cop who’s two blocks away when shots ring out is the one who will get the call. While a war bag flled with everything under the sun may be great for things like a riot or long call-outs, an active shooter scenar-io in a school requires only a long gun and some spare ammunition. An officer needs to move very quickly and not be weighed down with water bottles, frst aid kits and all the other stuff we seem to think we need—which brings me to the focus of this month’s column.

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A breathable armor solution keeps you cool, and safe

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