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Duty gear product inspection, storage and care

By PoliceOne staff

Inspecting Your Product

  • Thoroughly read the safety information in the accompanying catalog and other information included with your purchase.

  • Make sure your handgun fits properly, safely and to your satisfaction.

  • Visually inspect for any defects in material or workmanship.

  • Check the retainer strap, spring or other retaining device and be certain that your handgun is properly and safely secured for your application.

  • Visually inspect all stitchings, snaps, springs, clips and rivets for looseness, breakage or other damage.

  • Pay special attention to points of strain and critical points such as belt loops, welts, retainer straps, springs or other retaining devices.

  • Look for any sign that leather or other materials have become dry or brittle.

  • Should your holster or other product become worn, loose, defective or ill–fitting, cease use immediately.

Storage and Care

  • Treat the interior of your holster with spray silicone to help protect against excess moisture. It also speeds the draw by reducing friction.

  • If you leave your handgun in the holster or other product, check it daily for moisture, condensation or corrosion. Changing atmospheric conditions, heavy perspiration and other factors could create such conditions.

  • Brass cartridges stored in leather loops will acquire a greenish residue called "verdigris." It is a natural product of a chemical reaction between brass and vegetable tanned leather, and it wipes off. Using nickel–plated cartridges, as police departments do, will avoid this condition.

  • Store leather and nylon products in a cool, dry place. High humidity can cause mildew, while dry heat and direct sunlight can cause drying and cracking.

  • If your product becomes water–soaked, reshape it as best you can and allow it to air dry at room temperature – a hot oven or similar device will shrink, harden and crack the leather.

  • Should your leather product become dry or scratched, treat the exterior with a commercial leather dressing that does not contain lacquer. Be careful when using Neat’s–foot oil – large amounts will soften the leather.

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