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New RFID Shielding Products from Strong

GLOUCESTER, Mass. - Strong Leather Company now offers the new line of RFID Shielding "Made in the USA" Leather Wallets internationally.

Since 2006, all passports and many credit cards, debit cards, enhanced drivers licenses, and law enforcement credentials and ID’s contain a RFID (radio frequency identification) chip embedded in them, thus making this information vulnerable to identity theft. Strong Leather Company, realizing this security breach, has been a forerunner in the industry using an innovative shielding technology in some of its product linings since 2008. Strong Leather Company is proud to introduce their new line of RFID Shielding “Made in the USA” Leather Wallets now being offered nationally. The new “RFID” line of stock products has been developed and tested to protect against “identity theft” which is the unauthorized RF (Radio Frequency) scanning (skimming) of personal and departmental information contained in the embedded chip.

The RFID Shielding lining material used in Strong Leather wallets has obtained FIPS 201 (Federal Information Processing Standards) approval and is recognized by GSA as an accepted shielding product for use by the US Government. The security barrier prevents RF detection at 13.56MHz and in the 860-980MHz ranges. The patent pending material limits the flow of RF energy between the reader and the smart card.
Strong Leather’s “Made in the USA” RFID shielding wallets, badge cases and shielded accessories are available for all local, state, and federal law enforcement personnel. Officers can choose their badge shape from the world’s largest inventory of over 1850 stock cutouts, ensuring immediate delivery.
In the near future, Strong Leather will be expanding RFID security shielded line to include products from their Centurion Badge Case line (imported).

About Strong Leather Company
Founded in 1932, Strong Leather Company, a fourth generation family owned business, is one of the oldest manufacturers of leather goods in the United States. Based out of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Strong Leather employs 62 people, and is considered a leader in the Law Enforcement industry. For more information visit www.StrongBadgeCase.com.

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