SHOT Show 2016: Surefire's IntelliBeam is a bright idea

Surefire's flashlights and weapon-mounted lights have developed a reputation for performance, ruggedness, and user-friendly design, but now we can credit them for being "intelligent"

The Surefire brand of flashlights and weapon-mounted lights has developed an enviable reputation for performance, ruggedness, and user-friendly design, but now we can credit them for being "intelligent," as well.

Expanding on the success of their P2X Fury flashlight with "IntelliBeam" technology, Surefire has announced the 2016 release of the R1 Lawman and P3X Fury flashlights with the same IntelliBeam feature.

IntelliBeam is an auto-adjusting feature that regulates the intensity of the light output based on the environment that the light is being used in. It does so by incorporating a sensor in the head of the unit that measures ambient and reflected light, then feeds it to a microprocessor which controls light output.  If you're using the light in a dark environment to illuminate distant objects, it will throw the full, high-setting output, but if it's not fully dark or if you're trying to illuminate a close up object (like a report or ticket book), it will provide a less blinding 15 lumen output.  You can override the IntelliBeam function and demand full intensity with a press of the tailcap switch if the light isn't giving you what you want.

IntelliBeam technology was previously available on the P2X Fury (600 lumens at high setting from the 5.8" overall length light), but Surefire will now offer it on the P3X Fury (1,000 lumens at high setting, 6.8" overall length) and the duty-sized, rechargeable, R1Lawman (also 1,000 lumens at high setting, 8.1" overall length) which comes equipped with both tailcap and head switches.

This technology will make these lights more versatile, battery efficient, and user-friendly. If you give it a try, I think you'll be favorably impressed. It's a bright idea.

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Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Mike Wood is an NRA Law Enforcement Division-certified Firearms Instructor and the author of Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis, available in paper and electronic formats through ,, Apple ITunes and . Please visit the official website for this book at for more information.

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