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Polarion Is Pleased to Announce the Polarion Helios, a 4,150 Lumen Searchlight

GRESHAM, OR - Ken good, a former Navy SEAL and tactical instructor, has introduced the Polarion Helios, a 4,150 lumen searchlight not much bigger than a large flashlight. The Helios can illuminate objects a mile away, but it also provides excellent wide area lighting at ranges typically encountered during searches. This rugged, compact unit gives law enforcement officers unprecedented tactical advantages in low light environments.

The PF40 Helios is a high-quality tool for professionals who need massive, clean light output in a truly portable package. Pound for pound this is one of the most powerful and streamlined HID searchlights in its class. It's all in a relatively small package. Approx 12" in length and just under 4 lbs. The proprietary electronics, and Li-Ion rechargeable battery are housed in a CNC machined aerospace aluminum body with a Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized coating.

You can expect extreme reliability as HID lamps are not easily subject to breakage or failure as a result of mechanical shock and vibration. HID lamps are energy efficient and have no filaments, therefore you can expect 2,500+ hours plus from the lamp. If you ever need to replace the lamp, it is user-replaceable.

Customer Testimonials
"Initial pre-production testing of the Helios HID light has shown us that it will be the HID light our unit will choose as soon as it is available….NICE JOB Guys…. Can’t wait for it’s release".
-US Army Personnel

"We are pushing people back across the border fom a 1/2 a mile away!"
-US Border Patrol Agent

"The lights were put in a pelican case and dropped 250 feet into a sandy LZ with no damage. We froze them fully charged in liquid nitrogen for 24 hours thawed them and turned them on. No problems. We heated them to 130 degrees for 2 hours and let them cool for a hour then turned them on. No Problem. I used one on a lockout at 35 feet 1.5 clicks from land. We landed, performed the job used the light with great success. They were also pressure tested to 3 atmospheres and passed with no problems."
-US Army SpecOps - Evauation

For more information, contact Don Sims (Ext. 401) at Polarion USA, Toll-Free 866-901-4437, and visit www.polarion-store.com.

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