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CPS™ Protective Barrier Sleeves For Parat® X-treme Flashlights

Protection Against Toxic and Aggressive Chemicals and NBC Contaminants

Permalight (Asia) Co., Ltd. introduces its new CPS™ barrier sleeves designed for HAZMAT teams, fire brigades, CBRN units and for personnel operating in hazardous and contaminated areas.

CPS™ are a multi-layer thermo-plastic barrier sleeves protecting Parat® X-treme flashlights and penlights against sprays and spills of over 280 hazardous chemicals including TICs, TIMs, acids, flammable solvents, oil and fuel. In addition, CPS™ barriers protect the flashlights against all known chemical and biological warfare agents as well as from radioactive dust. CPS sleeves are transparent having minimal effect on the light performance of Parat® X-treme ATEX and IECEx certified flashlights. The material is CE certified and environmentally safe to dispose. Standard Size: 250 mm (L) x 70 mm (W).

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