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Portland, Oregon (November, 2013) Gerber, a recognized leader in military-grade tactical products, today introduced its new Cortex flashlights. Proudly built in the US and designed to meet the needs of the tactical professional, the Gerber Cortex series is comprised of three lights; the Cortex Flashlight, the Cortex Compact Flashlight and the Cortex Rechargeable Flashlight.

Tough, reliable and innovative, Cortex flashlights employ Gerber’s patented Omnivore technology, which allows them to operate on multiple power sources.  The Cortex and Cortex Compact can operate on either AA or Lithium CR123 batteries, while the Cortex Rechargeable includes a Lithium Ion 18650 battery but will also accept two disposable Lithium CR123 batteries.

“As dynamic as the professionals they’re designed to serve our new Cortex lights combine top performance with superior flexibility,” said Andrew Gritzbaugh, Marketing Manager for Gerber. “Having this technology at your disposal in the field can make a difference in the outcome of an operation.  We’re proud to bring this important feature to market in a highly competitive package that represents years of innovation.”

The Cortex Flashlight is built with adaptability in mind. Running on either three (3) Lithium CR123 batteries or two (2) AA batteries, the Cortex can utilize multiple power sources when having options is critical. With a maximum output level of 675 lumens (when running on three CR123 batteries), the Cortex provides a level of light useful for overwhelming an aggressor or identifying a threat. The Cortex also offers a strobe mode for tactical applications and a low output mode for administrative tasks.

Length: 6.15 inches
Weight: 4.8 ounces
LED Type: Cree XML

Battery Performance:
CR123: High Mode Output - 675 lumens / 1.75 hours
             Low Mode Output - 30 lumens / 40 hours

AA Alkaline: High Mode Output – 390 lumens / 1 hour
                           Low Mode Output – 28 lumens / 15 hours

MSRP: $104
Shipping: Late November

The Cortex Compact is designed to be a discreet, everyday carry light for tactical professionals and a backup light for police officers. Running on a single Lithium CR123 battery or AA battery, the Cortex Compact allows the operator to use whatever power source is available. When powered by a CR123, the Cortex Compact provides 125 lumens of output, enough light to momentarily blind an assailant’s night-adapted vision. The Cortex Compact also provides a strobe mode and a low-output mode for small tasks.
Length: 4 inches
Weight: 2.12 ounces
LED Type: Cree XPG

Battery Performance
CR123: High Output Mode - 125 lumens / 1.5 hours
Low Output Mode – 25 lumens / 9 hours

AA Alkaline: High Output Mode – 60 lumens /1.25hours                                                                                                                           Low Output Mode – 12 lumens / 6 hours

MSRP: $82
Shipping: Now

The Cortex Rechargeable flashlight offers all the advantages of the full size Cortex, with the added ability to recharge from an outlet or USB port. The Cortex Rechargeable runs on a lithium ion battery and recharges like a cell phone – simply plug the mini USB wall charger into the body of the light. Once charged, the LED will flash intermittently letting you know it’s ready for use. The Cortex Rechargeable also accepts disposable Lithium CR123 batteries for times when you don’t have access to power. Hit the tail cap switch to activate 500 lumens of blinding output; double tap to activate the strobe. Hit the barrel switch on the side of the light for the 40-lumen low-output mode.
Length: 6.15 inches
Weight: 5 ounces
LED Type: Cree XML

Battery Performance

Rechargeable Lithium Ion:
High Output Mode – 500 lumens / 1 hour
Low Output Mode – 40 lumens / 12 hours
Recharging Time: 4 hours

High Output Mode – 590 lumens / 1.5 hours
Low Output Mode – 45 lumens / 20 hours

MSRP: $131
Shipping: Early December

For more information please visit www.gerbergear.com/Cortex

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