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Breakthrough Police Helmet Weighs 30% Less

The new Max Pro Police BA3AC Helmet offers Level IIIA* ballistic protection, weighs 30% less than any competitive helmet and features the popular Comfort Fit suspension.  It is ideal for police, paramilitary and corrections squads handling SWAT team, tactical and general duty operations.

Key to the weight saving is a departure in the shell’s construction that is in line with latest military thinking for personal ballistic armor.  The BA3A is the first police helmet to be made of continuously reinforced thermoplastic.  Tougher than thermoset plastics used in conventional helmets, the thermoplastic needs less material to meet IIIA level standards.  The reinforcement material is a proprietary blended laminate of continuously reinforced fibers developed and processed by Diaphorm Technologies, LLC, Max Pro Police’s parent company.  No competitive police helmet uses continuously reinforced thermoplastic.

Proven highly popular in earlier helmet models over the past two years, the Comfort Fit liner is built for stability, comfort and convenience.  Wearers in more than 50 police departments praise how it stays in place so comfortably.  “No sweat” reticulated foam wicks perspiration away from the skin. “One size fits all” fit pads are washable and removable. Trials with the new helmets have led to major orders by several Police and Sheriffs Departments across the country.


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