SHOT Show 2010: Gould & Goodrich debuts innovative new holsters

The Quantum 391 is a work of art — there’s just no better way to put it

This marks the 25th year that Gould & Goodrich has been serving the law enforcement community, and the company’s commitment to cops is obvious. During a visit with the folks stationed at the Gould & Goodrich booth at SHOT 2010, we saw a wide variety of new products for both duty and off-duty carry.

In duty holsters, the company has streamlined its already successful Phoenix Nylon line, and unveiled an entirely new triple retention product called the Quantum 391. Gould has also redesigned its Model T727 Body Guard holster and is showing an expanded set of concealment offerings for pocket auto-loaders and revolvers.

We spent some quality time examining the triple retention 391.  Gould unveiled at SHOT the newest innovation on this model, which enables officers to add a rail-mounted flashlight. With the Quantum 391, the wearer can release all three retention aids in one motion, offering a smooth, natural draw. Furthermore, it automatically resets the retention aids when reholstering. The system also gives the option to change to double retention in far less than one second. This mid-ride holster is already available in right-handed and left-handed versions molded for several Glock models common to LE, as well as a couple of HK pistols. Additional models are imminent. The Quantum 391 is a work of art — there’s just no better way to put it. The aforementioned refinement is the

Bernard Gould presents the latest innovation for the triple-retention Quantum 373 duty holster: ample space for rail-mounted tactical light.
Bernard Gould presents the latest innovation for the triple-retention Quantum 373 duty holster: ample space for rail-mounted tactical light.

The other brand new item from Gould that caught our eye was the ambidextrous 701 pocket holster. The interior of this item is made from super-thin suede and sports a textured, non-slip rubber-like outer surface that literally grabs the fabric inside your pocket. This would surely be of interest to anyone looking at the new Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard.

Even the latest “will-fit” list the company is distributing is striking—but even with such an extraordinary list, the folks at Gould & Goodrich know that department armorers continually come up with new combinations of rail-mounted accessories for their officers’ pistols. Consequently, they’re open to taking design requests.

Bernard Gould told PoliceOne during our SHOT Show meeting, “If you’ve got fifty friends, we’ll make anything you want.”

Considering the investment the company has to make in order to form a custom mold, that’s a pretty impressive promise.

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